About Me

Hello there, my name is Kunle and I am a Software Engineer with a crazy passion for technology and science. I will be posting up blogs and things that interests me on here. I am an android developer but have worked on numerious technologies, Node js being one of them. I hope to share with you the things I have learned while working as a developer both in web and mobile. Follow me on my journey as I share with you my experiences.



Will be posting blogs about me and techie stuff here so please be on look out.

1. How I Started My Career...



As an android developer by day, I have had the chance to build some pretty cool apps but I have also worked as a web developer as well. During my time as a web developer I have also built cool applications ranging from building web pages, maintaining websites and help pitch for new websites. Check out my Github page here.

I enjoy building mobile applications in my spare time, take a look here on play store, download and leave a review.

If you have a project or job opportunity in mind please get in touch with me.